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 Rules and Regulations - Courtesy of Tirin

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PostSubject: Rules and Regulations - Courtesy of Tirin   Fri Mar 13, 2009 6:22 am

~If this is your first time in here, try to run through a few games with another DM before making one yourself.
~For the love of all things holy, please, PLEASE give your RP a title. "new dnd" and such will be renamed as the moderator wishes. And some of us have really strange ways of thinking . If in doubt, use the template of Noun of the Adjective Noun.
~Put some effort into your creation. The barebones minimum is:
*A character sheet (Name, class, race, abilities, equipment, background, personality, looks, etcetera)
*Backstory of some sort, setting up the stage for the game.
*A basic understanding of how the game will be played. Will it be based on numbers rolled by dice applets? A simple game of word and wit? Can the players assume things on the part of the plot?
~Try to be serious. We've already had two nonsense RPs in the past, any more will not be tolerated as it encourages spamming.
~If your RP is popular, you may want to create a separate Sign-Up topic to keep track. Ask a moderator if a Sign-Up topic is appropriate for you.
~If your RP's title is gratuitously mis-spelled, it's gone. If you can't take the effort to look up how to spell the part of the RP people see first, you will likely not put enough effort into the RP itself.
~Use of most licensed content (including but not limited to Unforgotten Realms) is prohibited. Exceptions are the Forgotten Realms, Eberron, Spelljammer and other campaign settings created explicitly for this purpose. As much as we love World of Warcraft, Oblivion and crappy fantasy novels, these settings discourage creativity and are poorly suited for roleplaying. This means NO KOBOLDS.
~These forums are NOT rated X, you understand? I do not want to see any sexual activity further than implying that your character got his/her mack on. Blood and gore, of course, is fine, as long as it's not some kind of mental image that will leave whoever envisioned it having nightmares for the next six weeks.

So far, people have used the following templates for creating characters:
*D&D template: Class, Race, STR, DEX, CON, etc. This RP is suited for the D&D style of playing, including combat and skill checks.
*Roleplay template: Class, Race, Personality, etc. This template is useful for roleplaying without having to go through 20 turns just to kill a goblin, This template allows a better-flowing story and richer characters, but players must be trusted to not be over-powered.
*RPG template: HP, MP, etc. This seems to be a new trend because many people do not own D&D books or are unable to produce a deep and exciting character. This template has a broader appeal at the cost of quality and balance.

~If you are using an RPG template instead of the D&D or Roleplay methods of calculating stats, specify how to calculate them or give them out to your players yourself. This helps create a balanced game and stops people from whining.

On joining and posting in an RP thread

~If you wish to play as a race or class not covered by the Player's Handbook, make sure that either you have the appropriate materials, or if you made the class up that the DM approves.
~Read the first post very carefully before posting an application. It may require you to do something different from regular RPs, so pay attention!
~If the DM requires backgrounds or personalities (which they should), follow this simple guide to determine if that RP is right for you:
*If you think "lawful dwarf" is a proper personality, think again.
*"Cool, friendly and heroic" is possibly the stupidest poop you can put down. This is the RP section, not cookie-cutter Fantasy novels.
*When you put down a personality, tend to stick with it. The name of this section means to take on a role, and if you're just going to be yourself then why did you come here? Go play outside.
~Try to be original. Most people play lawful good characters whether they try to or not. Break apart from the mold! Play a treacherous back-stabbing egoist or a deranged Pyrokineticist. Try out a character with some sort of personal conflict. Be creative.
~Do not try to overrule the DM's decision if you are rejected. Of course, they should give tips for improvement as well.

~If there's a Sign-Up thread for that RP, head on there. If not, DO NOT POST in the thread. PM the DM. Posting in the middle of a story disrupts it.

~Try to pretend you're writing a book. Instead of "I look in the chest" try "Grenth slowly moves across the room, eyes darting to and fro. A small chest in the corner catches his attention and he quickly walks over there and peers inside".
~Going with the general theme of "trying", please try to make posts more than a sentence long.

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Rules and Regulations - Courtesy of Tirin
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