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 Gaming Debate topic: Hardcore V Casual

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PostSubject: Gaming Debate topic: Hardcore V Casual   Tue Mar 17, 2009 9:35 am

It's come to my attention that we don't have enough debates around here, so here we go. A debate topic. The current topic is Hardcore V Casual, what's your stand on the issue?

I for the most part welcome these casual gamers with open arms, an industry needs to re-generate new customers to survive, so by making a marginally larger amount of casual games to accomadate to these newer gamers seems quite fine. My problem are the self-proclaimed 'hardcores' who play all the mainstream FPS games (which I know is not entirely true for all cases) and complain about grandmas playing the Wii and the other casuals while they ironically are casuals themselves.

My definition of hardcore is a game that challenges it's player and forces them to develop new skills and strategies while progressing, this game should/can also have bearing in gaming history, an old game/series like Megaman or Asteroids. A hardcore gamer would be somebody who grew up with gaming and regards it as a major part of their recreational lives. Somebody who played Sonic, Bomberman, Metroid and other games when they were younger and continues to play them even today is most definatly hardcore.

*Note to Dr. Admin, please sticky this.

PK Love Ω

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PostSubject: Re: Gaming Debate topic: Hardcore V Casual   Tue Mar 17, 2009 9:47 am

I like to think of myself as a hardcore gamer. I mean, I hate the shit out of people who think the only good games are mainstream ones. TF2 and Left 4 Dead, despite being totally badass, were forgotten by them in weeks because there aren't any aliens to blow the hell up, unlike Gears of War 2 or Halo 3.

Oh, and they think Call of Duty is realistic.
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Gaming Debate topic: Hardcore V Casual
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