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 Final Fantasy Terra Dreams

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PostSubject: Final Fantasy Terra Dreams   Thu Mar 19, 2009 11:02 pm

Terra Dreams

Two years have passed.

The world has finally begun to return to normal after the attempted Terran invasion. The actions of Garland and Kuja left the world of Gaia with scars that run far deeper than any can express. the lives of families shattered and in some cases entire races laid on the brink of extinction. No life has gone untouched, and for the longest time it had seemed that no light would be present at the end of the tunnel. But time goes on. Wounds heal, buildings are repaired and all over the world of Gaia people are once again finding a semblance of normalcy.

Lindbulm has not only been rebuilt stronger than before and now flourishes with the new boom of steam-powered airship production. The once devastated Industrial district now hums with the noise of production facilities churning out new fleets of ships and retrofitting old Mist engine models. Reigeint Cid and his wife have commissioned a new set of standardized Airships to be made and the whole city eagerly awaits the finalized production of the Prototype, the 'Eiko Carol'.

The citizens of Burmacia were sadly less fortunate, and the few who survive have been scattered around to the various towns and kingdoms of Gaia. Unfortunately Cleyra was devastated totally beyond any repair. However there are a few sparks of hope in this bleak picture, as Burmacians and Cleyrans alike gather at the ruins of Burmacia in the recent months in order to rebuild the city and find a new unity between each other and rallying behind young prince puck and his retainers Lady Freya and Sir Fratley.

Relations have also improved between the Mist continent and the people of the other continents of the world. With the advent of Steam powered Airships people have spread far and wide throughout the world and have opened relations with places like the Black Mage Village and Conde Petie have drastically changed the shape and outlook of the world.

At the center of these changes stands Alexandria. Like a Phoneix risen from the ashes Alexandria stands once again as a beacon of hope to the world. Queen Garnet is as beloved by her people as her mother once was, and the wisdom of her decisions have resulted in a boom of prosperity far beyond what the city has ever known. The people of Alexandria laud this as a golden age and gossip has even begun as they eagerly anticipate the royal family growing.

Yet not everything is without problems. Unbeknownst to those outside of the castle King Zidane had vanished only a month prior. To make matters worse Queen garnet recently ran off in the night in order to find her husband. Sir Steiner, Lady Beatrix and Princess Makoto have done their best to keep the people happy but a worried buzz has begun with an absence of both leaders making appearances of late. Claims of kidnapping, death and even a few that Kuja have returned all abound in quiet whispers. The question is just how true these rumors might be.


Final Fantasy Terra Dreams is a roleplay site dedicated to continuation of the final fantasy 9 story. Slots are open for both Canon and custom characters, as well as staff positions for those who are interested. This is a dedicated RP forum with one world plot which is influenced and affected by the players. Please feel free to drop by and join in if you are interested. New members always welcomed.

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Final Fantasy Terra Dreams
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