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 The Truth about Dr. Admin (Critical Acclaim)

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PostSubject: The Truth about Dr. Admin (Critical Acclaim)   Thu Jul 30, 2009 4:46 pm

Hello active (NOT) forum! I am the Truth Revealer! Why am I called such? Because I reveal truths! In this case, I would like to reveal that Dr. Admin, or Critical Acclaim, is actually Mafafacorp! Yup, thats right, he is actually Mafafacorp! What other truth is there about him? Well, here's his other information!

Name: Matthew Farrell
Parents: Robert, Shari
Phone: 845-534-7865
Cell: 845-239-3125
Address: 103 Filomina Drive
Cornwall, New York, 12518

That is all for now! TRUTH REVEALER AWAY!
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The Truth about Dr. Admin (Critical Acclaim)
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