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Dr. Admin
Dr. Admin

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PostSubject: Spread the Word   Thu Feb 26, 2009 2:44 pm

In order to turn these forums into a real discussion-house over a big MSN chat, we need to pull for support from others. Get all of the nice boys and girls from the normal urealms forum to join us over here and let the meanie ones stay because we don't like them. Everyone needs to do their part in getting as many people to join us here as possible so that we can make our experience here more worthwhile than that of the other forum.
A. Tell all of your MSN and Skype contacts from the forum to join us
B. Never tell people via private messages on the normal forum or make a thread there
C. Don't post on the regular forum. Though this is hardly something I'm going to enforce.

Good luck guys.
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Spread the Word
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