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 More Merges and New Areas

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Dr. Admin
Dr. Admin

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PostSubject: More Merges and New Areas   Mon Mar 09, 2009 7:39 pm

I have merged console and internet gaming into "General Gaming" as well as created a new area for discussion of films, literature, and photography. I also renamed "The Escapist" to "Forum Activities."
1. I want to make this less a U.R hater forum and more of a general forum for past fans of U.R and friends of those people. Through this we can make our forum unique.
2. The gaming topics are fairly unpopular, surprisingly. I figure it won't hurt to make one area for them
3. Off-topic is really an overflowing area. A separate section for those commonly discussed subjects, as well as the new topic for posting of entertaining videos in off-topic, should cut down the overflowing popularity of off-topic when compared to other sections.


Also, at the time of this writing (March 9th 2009) I am looking for a moderator. Anyone interested, please fill out the topic in off-topic about it.

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More Merges and New Areas
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